Why Plan Ahead?
Why Plan Ahead?

We plan for many events in our lives, however, one plan many of us postpone are the details of our funeral service. Like many things in life it is important to have a plan. Whether it is for the next generation’s education or a family trip or retirement, we normally have a plan and discuss it with our family and friends. 

At Henderson-Van Atta-Stickle Funeral and Cremation Service more than 25% of the families we serve have pre-planned some portion of their arrangements. Some have all the information on file for their services: family member’s names, memberships, hobbies and accomplishments for their obituary, cemetery information, and the necessary information to prepare a death certificate. This may seem like a difficult and uncomfortable topic, but when the time comes, it is best to be prepared through proper pre-planning.

  • Ensuring Your Wishes

    Taking time to think about what your wishes are in regards to Burial or Cremation

Not leaving famliy or friends guessing about what to do

  • Pre-paying the expenses of your funeral

Inform your family or friends of your arrangements

  • Does Pre-planning Require Pre-payment?

  • No. But let us explain - We always inform the individual or famliy that pre-planning has two components. One, having biographical information and the desires of the individual on file; and two, the financial component - how the services will be paid. Many of the famlies we serve have their wishes as to services and merchansise on file with us and choose to pay the expenses at the time of need. However, this can be a challenge for some individuals. There are several options with pre-paying, whether through insurance or trust - in which payments can be made over time. The monies are then available to be applied to the final expenses. 

  • Options to Start Pre-Planning

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